2K - Mixing and dosing unit

  • The new mixing and dosing unit WAGNER PROTEC 2K automatically determines the correct mixing ratio and thus guarantees the best possible coating quality. Only the exact amount of required material is mixed – this saves time and material. High power even with high viscosity materials and and high layer thicknesses – ideally suitable for applications in heavy-duty corrosion protection.

Technical data
Fixed mixing ratio 4:1
Pump ratio 75:1
Operating pressure 500 bar
Volumetric flow per double stroke 188 cm³/DS
Volumenstrom per 30 DH 5.6
Max. stroke rate 30 DS/min
container product inlet 2 x 27 Liter
Material outlet M–G3/8“
Air inlet pressure 1.5 – 6.5 bar
Sound level at 6 bar air pressure 80 dB(A)
Material temperature 5 - 80 °C
Ambient temperature 5 – 60 °C
Material pH 3.5 – 9
Max. material pressure at pump inlet 20 bar
Weight 190000 g
ATEX classification II 2G IIB c T3 X

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